• Chibio Biotech

    Over 8 Years' Leading Manufacturer of Vegetal/Fungal Chitosan & Natural Ingredients

    for Food, Wine, Beverage, Cosmetics, Health Supplement, Pharmaceuticals etc.

    Chibio | Fungal Chitosan ( Vegetal Chitosan )

    Mission: Fungal Chitosan for Better Health

    Over 8 Years' professional manufacturer & exporter of vegetal chitosan: mushroom & aspergillus niger chitosan, for wine fining agent, cosmetics, health supplement, weight-loss, food preservatives, pharmaceuticals and other fields.

    Chibio | Theacrine

    Mission: Theacrine for Better Health

    Leading manufacturer of theacrine raw material, which is alternative caffeine and much less side-effects & tolerance than caffeine, for workout, increasing energy, improving memory focus & motivation, relieving inflammation & pain etc.

    Chibio Biotech has been focused on natural ingredients for over 7 years. Since its establishment, Chibio Biotech is engaged in the manufacturing and trading of well-characterized Non-animal Chitosan ( Mushroom, Aspergillus Niger Chitosan), Alpha-GPC, Hyaluronic acid, Phosphatidylserine, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, food raw materials and other natural ingredients.


    Chibio Biotech has been focusing on product's quality management, improvement and innovation which favored by customers all over the world. Our Products have been widely used for cosmetics, health care products, dietary food supplement, wine making, food fresh keeping, textile, agriculture, water treatment and other fields. We have exported products to United States, UK, Germany, Italy, Canada, France, Spain, Australia, Korea, Switzerland
    and other 50+ countries.


    We are happy to serve the global ingredients community!

    Factory Workshop & Extraction Process

    Chibioi Biotech has a sound quality management system with strict quality control standards. To ensure the high
    quality of products, we take strict control on each process, from the raw materials to the production.

    Our products are supported with safety reports, third part certificates(ISO & COSHER & GAP), clinical data(from customers), professional
    essays and TCM theories.

    We have professional R&D team who can supply our customers with industrial mature
    and record-keeping products, guided by market demands to match and create the needs of customers all over the world.

    Chibio Mission

    To Make Everybody Healthier in Natural Ingredients

    We’re here to put a dent in the universe.

    With our mission, version, value and team players, we believed and always wanted to do something extraordinary, something unique, something revolution and something that will change the world.

  • Our Team

    If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.

    With professional team, we're so confident in moving forward faster and further.

  • What We Offer

    With over 8 year's experience of manufacturing & exporting theacrine & fungal chitosan & other natural ingredients,

    Chibio Biotech was always determined to serve the ingredients community

    with consistent product quality, sufficient sustainable supply,

    steady delivery time, continuous R&D of new ingredients and other service advantages.

    Consistent Product Quality

    Free Sample Service

    Specification Customization

    Sufficient Sustainable Supply

    300+ Tons Annual Production Amount

    Steady Delivery Time

    with High-Quality & Quantity

    Continuous Research & Development of New,Science-based Ingredients According to Market Trends

    Technical Documentation

    HPLC Test Methods,

    Certificate of Analysis etc.

    Organoleptic System Testing

    Taste Smell & Solubility Analysis

    Scientific Management of R&D, Production, Factory, Warehouse, Sales, After-sales, Logistics, Supply-chain Departments

    Professional Sales &Technique Team: 8+year’s Experience of Producing and Exporting Natural Ingredients

    Technology Collaboration with Universities in China

    Professional & Responsible Service for The Whole Service Process

    Rich Experience of Cooperation with Brand Manufacturers & Distributors

    in USA, Canada, Europe etc.

    Being Trustworthy Business Partnership & Joyful Friendship

    with Old Customers

    Regular Delivery of Innovation Suggestions that Satisfy & Create Market Trends

  • Our Clients Group

    The key of our service is to set realistic customers expectations, and then not to just meet them,

    but to exceed them-preferably in unexpected and helpful ways.

    With passion & mission: to make everybody healthier in natural ingredients,

    we will do our jobs so well that you will want to see it again and bring your friends.

    Distributors & Wholesalers

    of Natural Ingredients, Fine & Specialty Chemicals

    Brand Manufacturers & Contract Manufacturers

    of Health & Dietary & Food Supplements

    Laboratories , Science Research Centers​ & Universities

    Governments & NPOs NGOs Organizations​

    Those Who Are Interested in Fungal Chitosan, Theacrine, Natural Ingredients​ for Better Health