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    With the growing demands for plant-based non-animal ingredients, Fungal Chitosan, sourced from mushroom (oyster mushroom, agaricus bisporus) and aspergillus niger, was becoming one of the most potential plant-sourced ingredient.


    With Over 8 Years' Leading Manufacturer of High-End Natural Ingredients with Future Commercial Potentiality , Chibio Biotech, as manufacture and exporter of well-characterized Non-animal Chitosan ( Mushroom, Aspergillus Niger Chitosan), Natural Kucha Tea Extract Theacrine, and many other natural ingredients, is certified with ISO 9001 by SGS ,UKAS & KOSHER by SKS, and have served our customers including some of TOP 500 corporations in USA, Canada, Brazil, UK, Italy, Germany, Netherlands, Japan, Korea, Argentina, and other over 50 countries.


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